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(Litters are FCI & PMCA Registered)

10.31.19 Female Rayne de la Tierra Alta is in season - we are hopeful for a successful mating. Females Mischief, Zola and Zuma de la Tierra Alta are now coming in season and we will select one of these three girls for breeding with our Czech male, Bombay Forever Drem.

9.21.19 All of these litters have been done by natural breeding. It is very important to maintain the strength and longevity of this breed. More news on Wasabi and Melia's litters when we can confirm.

Wasabi de la Tierra Alta x Zane de la Tierra Alta

Melia de la Tierra Alta x Bombay Forever Drem


Kona De La Tierra Alta Litter "H" 5 Weeks Old

Female #1 (Reserved)

Male #1 (Reserved)

Male #2 (Reserved)


Male #3 (Reserved)

Male #4 (Reserved)

Male #5 (Reserved)

Now accepting reservations for puppies from the planned 2020 litters.

Our most recent litters:

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"Y" Litter - May 16th 2015
"X" Litter - May 31th 2014
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"U" Litter - May 7th 2013

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Please email us if you would like to inquire about a future puppy.

Please also inquire as to our pricing and if you are interested in reserving a puppy we can email you the official purchase contract.

(Requests for a puppy must be made in advance as we do have a reservation list)

Litter Information & Photos Will Be Posted With New Arrivals

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