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De La Tierra Alta - Mastin Del Pirineo - Pyrenean Mastiffs

America's Foundation Stock Established 1996 to date 2020.

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pyrenean mastiff breeder

"Zoy - Minero (Manolo) & Elena Tajadera del Tio Roy - 1996 - a special pair - Our first mostines who established our breed here in the USA "

10/25/1964 - 12/31/2022

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we tell of the passing of Karin Graefe. Mother and pioneer of the Pyrenean Mastiffs in the United States since 1996. Karin did so much for the breed and left behind a legacy of amazing dogs. She had the kindest of hearts and loved all animals. She was a feisty, passionate and sensitive person with a beautiful soul and was one of the most special people to have in your life.

We hope to honor Karin's legacy by keeping the Pyrenean Mastiff's and her breeding program alive through her friends and PM family 🐾



Member PMCA

Member CMPE

Registry - PMCA and F.C.I.

Tierra Alta were the first kennel to introduce the Mastin del Pirineo to the U.S.A. Our kennels have produced excellent show potential pups bred from the finest imported and now domestic stock available - Tajadera del Tio Roy, Castillo de Ali, Do Limoeiro, De Domus, El Bellotero, Rocaforte, Larresalkoak, Del Paso del Oso, Moralet, Wela Brillante, Springstrand, Iirismaan, Bondadoso and Farma Stekot, Murtoi's, Del Mostin and Can Cabot. Our foundation mostines are imports directly from Spain, Italy, Finland and the Czech Republic. Our kennels have also exported to Canada, Europe and Mexico. Our kennel has the broadest bloodlines for the PM in the U.S.A. and the largest number of Pyrenean Mastiffs in the country.

You will find our mostines enjoying life with their families - many as wonderful family companions, many in the show ring, others still doing the job of their ancestors and protecting the flocks, there are those that are involved with their owners in therapy programs and bringing happiness to the elderly and young children and some may be seen from time to time in movies and TV. Whatever their activities may be most who encounter the mastin for the first time fall in love with our breed as we did years ago.

pyrenean mastiff

Querida del la Tajadera del Tio Roy - Our beloved from Spain 2001.

A Moment In History!

Breeder of Pyrenean Mastiffs since 1996: Tierra Alta kennels were proud to announce the arrival of the first Pyrenean Mastiff litter born in the U.S.A. October 1st, 1997

  • Sire of dam: World Ch. Judas Pedro Tajadera del Tio Roy
  • Mother of dam: Navaja
  • Dam: Bullonera Tajadera del Tio Roy
  • Sire: Am. Ch. Zoy Minero Tajadera del Tio Roy
Zaragoza de la Tierra Alta Pilar de la Tierra Alta

pyrenean mastiff livestock

Zoy - Minero Tajadera del Tio Roy (Manolo)

Takes his guardian duties of the sheep seriously.


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(above -- puppies from Nika de la Tierra Alta litter "V" 2013)

Aragon taking a B.I.S. alongside his sire - Zoy - Minero T T Roy who takes Reserve B.I.S. Rare Breed - Palm Springs, Calif - IABCA

mastiff breeder

A young Aragon takes Best of Breed - Pomona, Calif - ARBA

A documentary and history of the Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastin Del Pirineo) filmed twenty years ago in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains. In 1998, our travels took us to Spain to meet with the Spanish breeders and learn more about this wonderful breed.


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