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Pyrenean Mastiff Puppy Love


Pyrenean Mastiff Puppy Love 2


Pyrenean Mastiff Winter


The Puppies are Back!


Video of the puppies from Ivana's litter "U" at (9 Weeks)


Performance puppy class graduation video of Minion de la Tierra Alta with thanks to his owners Mary and Keith. Minion demonstrates his skills:


Puppies of Querida de la Tierra Alta 2014


The Washington Gang


A documentary and history of the Pyrenean Mastiff (Mastin Del Pirineo) filmed twenty years ago in the Spanish Pyrenees mountains. In 1998, our travels took us to Spain to meet with the Spanish breeders and learn more about this wonderful breed.


Video featuring never-before-shared footage going back to 1998 - Finland, Friends and Pyrenean Mastiffs+ World Dog Show in Helsinki


The Washington Gang




Mano & Elena ARBA Show 1998 - Pyrenean Mastiff






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