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Am. Ch./ARBA Ch. Elena Tajadera del Tio Roy (Elena) (import Spain)


pyrenean mastiff

Zoy- - Minero (Manolo) & Elena in 2004 - still an inseparable pair


A tribute to our Elena Tajaera del Tio Roy (Lani) who sadly left us on April 28th 2005.

Elena and her companion Zoy-Minero Tajadera del Tio Roy (Mano) are our first two Pyrenean Mastiffs and they will always be very special to us - always in our hearts. Mano misses his companion very much as they have never been apart since they left Spain in 1996. Elena's memory will continue within her many sons and daughters in the USA. She was America's first champion Pyrenean Mastiff alongside Mano in 1997 setting the pace for our breed in this country. However her most memorable task was her part in our family and the joy and love she gave us over the years.

We will miss you always.


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